Our line of high performance, biogenic calcium carbonate (CaCO3) masterbatches and custom compounded pellets, designed for seamless incorporation into sheet extrusion, thermoforming, injection molding and many other secondary processes. By incorporating BioCal® pellets or masterbatches, processors improve performance, reduce cost, and increase both stiffness and heat deflection, all while greatly minimizing the overall carbon footprint of finished products. 


BioCal® Compounded Pellet

BioCal® Custom Compounded Pellets are high performance resins ready for use. They come in a variety of loadings, colors and carrier resins, tailored to specific applications.

(E) Sheet Extrusion   (T) Thermoforming   (M) Injection Molding   (B) Blow Molding   (F) Film

BioCal® Masterbatches

BioCal® Masterbatch contain 70 - 80% biogenic calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and a median size of 2.0 - 3.4 microns. They are available in LLDPE and HDPE.  

(E) Sheet Extrusion   (T) Thermoforming   (M) Injection Molding   (B) Blow Molding   (F) Film

BioCal Masterbatch HP7034

BioCal Masterbatch HP8020

BioCal Masterbatch HP8007

BioCal Masterbatch LL7034

BioCal Masterbatch LL8020

BioCal Masterbatch LL8007

Environmental Impact

Calcium carbonate derived from oolitic aragonite is biogenic and naturally reoccurring. This form of calcium carbonate has been shown to replace petrochemicals used in common products without compromising utility. By replacing traditional resin with high performance natural material, BioCal helps to achieve smaller carbon footprints and decreased amounts of energy used in the modern day.

Safety Data Sheet

BioCal Safety Data Sheet