Calcean processes biogenically renewable high performance mineral known as Oolitic Aragonite sand, for an assemblage of end users. Calcean’s foundation is rooted in harvesting this naturally precipitated oolitic aragonite from lease concessions granted to it in the Bahamas.

our mission

Reinventing the way we think about natural resources and their incorporation into familiar products and industries. By giving our customers an environmentally responsible alternative, it is our vision that common end use products will benefit from using renewable and sustainable materials. 

our story

We are integrating our supply of aragonite and engineering it to create high performance calcium carbonate products applicable to a variety of industries, including agriculture, glass, paint and plastics production. While research and innovation drive our product development strategy, our company identity is guided by our commitment to sustainability. From plastics to paint, Calcean produces naturally renewable, biogenic calcium carbonate derived from oolitic aragonite. Our products are created in the spirit of carbon footprint reduction, carbon sequestration and sustainability, without sacrificing performance.  Products made with Calcean all benefit from reduced carbon footprints and replacing non-renewing elements. 

Calcean’s core value: create products in the spirit of biogenic renewability, and match competitively on price. This is the cornerstone of our “green for free” platform.

our operations 

Ocean Cay, Bahamas is home to the approximate 500 square mile oolitic aragonite harvesting operation.  Oolitic aragonite sand is a crystalline form of high purity calcium carbonate. Oolitic aragonite sand is generated through the chemical fixation by Phytoplankton of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to the naturally present Calcium (Ca++) in the ocean's water, which results in the mineralization of a pure Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3).  Unlike other forms of calcium carbonate, the precipitation cycle of oolitic aragonite is biogenic and continually replenishes at a rate of 4 billion pounds every year. This precipitation cycle of oolitic aragonite self-generates faster than consumed, making it a sustainable resource.