SandyCal® sand is raw, naturally renewable oolitic aragonite sand that is 92-98% pure calcium carbonate. SandyCal has been identified as a valuable component to beach restoration, phosphate mitigation, NOx removal, aquarium substrates and many agricultural uses. The grains are OOLITIC (egg-shaped) and smooth. It is tasteless, odorless, dustless and non-polluting. Combined with its near chemical purity, size consistency, and small grain structure, SandyCal possesses numerous advantages for the aragonite user, making it a superior source of calcium carbonate.

SUITABLE USES:  Agricultural  |  Glass  |  Aquarium Substrates  |  Construction  |  Golf Course Plating Sand  |  Beach Restoration  |  Animal Feed  |  Phosphate Mitigation  |  Aquaculture  |  Power Plant NOx and SOX Removal 

environmental impact

Calcium carbonate derived from oolitic aragonite is biogenic and naturally reoccurring. By replacing traditional applications with high performance natural aragonite sand, SandyCal helps to achieve a smaller carbon footprint and decreased energy consumption in the modern day.