OceanCal® powder is  very pure, ground, oolitic aragonite sand (calcium carbonate) treated with or without steric acid. It’s unique crystalline structure, high purity and consistency offer economic and performance benefits. OceanCal is designed for direct powder applications such as PVC, adhesives, paint and as a food additive. Products made with OceanCal offer environmental benefits that supersedes other calcium carbonate powders by reducing carbon footprint that typically occurs during processing.

SUITABLE USES:  PVC | Plastics | Paints & Coatings | Paper | Cosmetics | Pharmaceuticals | Nutraceuticals | Adhesives | Sealants | Phosphate Removal 

OceanCal Products

OceanCal A-CG15/8-S: 

Ground to a median particle size (D50) of 8 micron and topside particle size (D90) 15 micron which is suitable for most thick gauge, direct-feed processing applications. 

OceanCal A-MG10/3-S

This medium grind product provides a low cost source of Calcium Carbonate powder for applications requiring performance in bulk quantities. This product is ground to median particle size (D50) of 3 micron and top-size (D90) of 10 micron. This product is the foundation of our direct powder application masterbatches and compounded pellets.

OceanCal A-FG3/1-S-D (In-development)

This small grind product is ground to a median particle size (D50) of 1 micron and top-size (D90) of 3 micron. This grind spec is suited ideally for all plastics compounding and secondary processes.

OceanCal A-FG<1/1-S-D (In-development)

This is Calcean’s high performance powder engineered for the most technical direct powder applications to be compounded and serve as a filler in thin gauge blown and cast film. This product is ground to a median particle size (D50) of <1 micron and top-size (D90) of 1 micron. 

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environmental impact

Calcium carbonate derived from oolitic aragonite is biogenic and naturally reoccurring. This form of calcium carbonate has been shown to replace petrochemicals used in common products without compromising utility. By replacing traditional resin with high performance natural materials, OceanCa powder helps to achieve smaller carbon footprints and decreased amounts of energy used in the modern day.