Plastic Uses

Calcean’s biogenic Oolitic Aragonite (CaCO3) plastic enhancers are designed to improve performance and reduce cost, while greatly minimizing the overall carbon footprint of finished products. The inherent morphology of Oolitic Aragonite increases density & stiffness, thus provides an opportunity for more down-gauging than typical mined calcium carbonate.

Products made with biogenic Oolitic Aragonite greatly benefit the environment by replacing resin and reducing carbon footprints associated with mining and processing.

OceanCal Powder 

OceanCal® Powder is very pure, ground, crystalline structured oolitic aragonite sand (biogenic CaCO3) treated with or without steric acid. OceanCal is designed for direct powder applications. 

 Ideal for PVC, Plastic Compounders and Fiberglass.

BioCal Compounded Pellet

BioCal® Compounded Pellets are high performance resins ready for use. They come in a variety of loadings, colors and carrier resins, tailored to specific applications.

Ideal for Injection Molding, Extrusion, Thermoforming and Blow Molding. 

BioCal Masterbatch

BioCal® Masterbatches are vehicles for substituting our unique source of biogenic Aragonite (CaCO3) in place of resin. By incorporating BioCal masterbatches, processors reduce cost, reduce carbon footprint, and increase both stiffness and heat deflection. 

Ideal for Injection Molding, Extrusion, Thermoforming and Film